Hai started with silk, and our early pieces were about experimenting with, and stretching, the possibilities of the fabric. In time, this focus on silk has broadened to encompass a whole palette of finely crafted materials including velvet, lace and pearls. This widening approach to materials has happened hand-in-hand with us expanding from our bags, to shoes, dresses, shirts, skirts: a whole Hai wardrobe. In our designs, we tend to strive to create the platonic ideal of a wardrobe staple, or the unexpected piece you didn’t know you needed.

Over five years Hai has blossomed into a team, now based out of our Islington studio, and with a presence for our international community too; including our store in Seoul, Korea, and recent pop-ups in New York and at home in London. Always collaborative, from Tessa giving out the first bamboo bags to friends to test wear, we are proud to work with a close-knit community of artists, photographers, stylists, and creatives.

Though we bring out a new collection with each season, it’s important to us that we still carry some of our very earliest designs. Each season’s pieces are not created as part of a standalone collection, but instead follow the logic of our own wardrobes: garments that we know we will wear again and again, and that are durable enough to stand the test of time. If there is a guiding ethos for Hai, it’s to create designs that you will keep returning to.

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