Hai Sustainability

Silk is in the soul of all we do at Hai. We are proud to be able to say that all our silk is sustainably produced in small quantities in China in the heart of the historical silk producing city of Suzhou.

At Hai we are pragmatic. We produce our items in small quantities to avoid overproduction, and in locations that make sense to each product, always honouring the foundations of the brand, while looking for the most sustainable and luxurious means of production as our product offering grows.

Our bags are all ethically produced close to our silk in China, where crast and luxury standards are key to their operation. Our clothes are sustainably made between a small studio near where we’re based in London, and Suzhou, where our bags are produced.

We have undertaken extensive research to ensure each of our manufacturers is producing the best possible version of our designs, which is why we took the decision to spread out our production.

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Hai Silk Care

All Hai items are made using silk. The great flow and beauty of this fabric naturally leads to great delicacy in its fibres, therefore it’s key to the prolonging of its life that you handle your items with care and wash as infrequently as possible.

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Cleaning your Hai items

  1. Hand-wash in cool water with a small amount of delicate natural detergent
  2. Leave to bath for 5-10 minutes
  3. Rinse well with fresh cool water
  4. Squeeze out extra moisture by carefully rolling in a towel
  5. Leave on top of a fresh towel or, for clothing, hang to dry away from sun light and direct heat

We appreciate that the frequency to which you wash your Hai clothing is going to be greater than that of our bags, however we are strong believers that you probably don’t need to wash your silk clothing as frequently as you think. For small marks spot cleaning lightly with a sponge or brush is a better option then fully submerging your item in water. Additionally, silk is a naturally moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial fabric, and therefore, doesn’t absorb sweat in the way other fabrics do. Simply hanging your items for a day in a space with free-flowing air can go a long way in making them feel fresher for the next use.

Silk Don’ts:

Never boil

Never bleach

Never wring out

Never rub vigorously

*If a mark or stain occurs rub lightly with a sponge or a brush. If the mark doesn’t lift, seek out a dry-cleaner with experience cleaning silk and ensure they are informed what caused the stain.

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